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Lemonade Team Building Events

You're the creative team at the local radio station and your client's brought in last minute changes that must go to air ... today!

Working together in this fast paced environment, we'll write new radio shows and commercials to totally "wow" the client ... featuring your team's style and humor.

We record your radio shows on-site with our professional production team, who adds music and final touches, then we all listen back.

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Experience the magic of the recording studio!

Create "brand new" comedy song classics by rewriting the words to well-known songs with our pre-recorded music tracks. 

Write and record your songs on-site with our professional production team, who adds some final touches, then listen back. 

Everyone has fun with this one.  No-one has to know how to sing, in fact the more off-tune the better!

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Bring attention to causes.  Connect with your community.

Help increase your team's motivation to participate in team building and provide value for others.

From brainstorming and shooting Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that bring awareness to causes, to developing community outreach programs, team building can have it's added rewards.

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