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A Refreshing Approach

Welcome, maybe grab a frosty beverage, and let’s jump right to the point. 

We all know regular participation in team building activities builds trust, strengthens working connections and helps keep communication channels open.  It provides direct impact on your team's performance, profitability and success.

But team building's reputation has "soured" over the years, making it harder to find team building activities that team members actually want to participate in.

Lemonade Team Building
Team Building Ideas

Lemonade will help refresh your team's interest.

A)  Our events are designed and delivered by award winning meeting and entertainment industry professionals. 

B)  We focus on designing activities that are entertaining, fun, inclusive, and provide team members with useable real-world goals they will want to make happen - together.

C)  We design team building activities that not only help teams and organisations connect with each other, but can help build connections with stakeholders and communities.


Recording Sessions  -  Video Shoots  -  Celebrity Events  -  Corporate Entertainment With A Message  -  Corporate Culture Celebrations  -  Cause Awareness  -  Global Team Challenges  -  Virtual Team Building  -  And more...

Your Blend


Entertainment is our signature ingredient. It's the added excitement that keeps everyone interested.

Our entertainment industry professionals are ready to share their creativity and unique skills with your team to help make your next event extraordinary.



Want to use your own in-house trainers or simply looking for straight up team building fun?

Our learning components are provided as ready-to-go options and can be fully customized.

With Lemonade, you’re always in control of your content and return on investment.

Real-World Goals

From cause awareness to content creation for future meetings, team members are more engaged if they feel their efforts will bear fruit.

Many of Lemonade's team building activities are designed to keep team members engaged by helping them work together toward meaningful outcomes.


Clients & Testimonials

“Rob’s radio session was a big win for our national sales meeting. It promoted team building, laughter and fun.  ...Feedback from the sales team rated it the #1 fun event of our conference.”


"We have been so impressed with Rob Hanson that we have incorporated his presentation in our mid management training program.  ...I have nothing but praise for your workshop and your professional facilitation of it."


“I am already thinking in my head how we can incorporate this experience elsewhere.  It’s been amazing working with you. I can’t thank you enough.”


“You’ve created a unique activity that’s fun for all and promotes the discussion of business - well done.”


“The recording session was a great team-building experience which allowed us to explore team dynamics...  Another great benefit was walking away with the recordings. They were a huge hit.”


Based in Toronto, we serve cities across Canada, USA and the world.  Local cities served include:

Toronto (GTA)      Kitchener/Waterloo      London      Windsor      Ottawa      Kingston      Sudbury      Montreal



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